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Maramae Sphynx Presents: Healthy, Naked, Loving, and "Sometimes Fuzzy" Sphynx


Updated  Dec. 22nd, 2014  


Available Kittens

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Our Kittens will be ready to go to their new families between the ages of 14 to 18 weeks (depending on the kitten). All kittens will be on a spayed or neuter contract. We except deposits on our babies after 4 weeks of age. We will consider 12 weeks of age if you are a stay at home parent, work from home, or  an experienced Sphynx parent. 

      Your new baby will be a Healthy and Loving addition to your family!  We prefer to discuss the kittens personality with you. This is to insure that you are compatible and will have the best relationship possible.  If you are happy, then they are happy!  We want each kitten that leaves our home to be treated as we would treat them. We like to talk with each potential adopter before he/she adopts, or are placed on our waiting list. We don't want to seem intrusive but we spend much time, money, heartache, and unconditional love raising our babies. We want them to go to the best home possible and for their personalities to match their new family as closely as possible. We would like you to love your new baby as much as we do. Kittens are on a strict spay/neuter contract as our Vet will not spay/neuter until 6 months of age. If kitten has not been fixed by the agreed upon date they will be repossessed with no refund! If said kitten has been bred the full breeding rights price of $2500 will be due and Adult and all offspring will be returned to breeder.

   Prices range from $1,000 to $1500 for a Pet kitten depending on their type and age. Sometimes we will also have retired adults available for a lesser costs. The adults will be just as loving and snuggly as the Sphynx kittens. 
Your new baby will come with up to date vaccinations, wormings, a Two year genetic health guarantee, 3 year Hcm guarantee. We like to send a little care package home also with a Blanket that smells like Mommy, treats, a few favorite toys, and a sample of food and litter they are currently using. (Food and litter if picked up in person).

    *We will consider a payment plan for individuals that would like to purchase a new addition to their family.  We require a $400 deposit and an agreed upon payment plan between us. If you change your mind or default on our payment agreement, all funds will be nonrefundable. Kitten must be paid in full by an agreed upon date and before pick up (cash only), no exceptions.

We prefer that you come in person to pick up your kitten, but if circumstances will not permit,  we recommend U-ship for door to door delivery. If you would like too fly to pick up your baby we will be happy to meet you at the Indianapolis airport.  We will not ship by air unless the kitten is flying with you. It also helps to reduce the stress your baby would go through being put into a cargo hold alone and frightened. 

We can be reached at: or 812-665-8109 ask for Carrie.

*Please read "Information to Consider" at the bottom of the page before placing a deposit on a kitten.   It is important for you to understand the unique needs of the Sphynx breed BEFORE you make them a new member of your family. If we are unable to meet in person I like to speak with the new parent over the phone before excepting a deposit.

*A $400 Non-refundable deposit is REQUIRED to hold your kitten (No exceptions).  Full payment for your new addition must be received no later than one week prior to ground shipping. For deposit we except PayPal plus 3.5%, (PayPal address is the same as our email address: Money orders, Bank Checks, and Personal checks (as long as they have time to clear our bank before pick up or ground shipping). At pick up we DO NOT except personal checks and would prefer cash due too the amount of fraud recently, involving bank checks and money orders unless otherwise agreed upon prior to pick up.  All funds placed on kitten is Non-refundable, it can be placed on another kitten of your choice at a time when you are ready and is agreed upon. 


For some reason my website is not allowing me too add photo's right now. So I added the link above for them to be viewed.

Call to inquire further 812-665-8109

 Grooming Your Sphynx

    For bath time, I like too use Johnson & Johnson Baby Wash.  Any good hypoallergenic shampoo is all right, or veterinary prescriptive shampoos.  I do advise against using baby shampoo, as I have found it can be harsh to their skin.  Kittens generally need a bath about every two weeks or so.  Some kittens produce more/less oil than others so they need bathing less often or more often. It is best to not over bathe and dry their skin out, so use your best judgement as too how often you would like to give them their bath. For those that aren't bath fans I will draw a sink of warm water and stand them on the counter. I wet a wash cloth and cover with baby wash and throughly wash them. I then use a fresh wash cloth and hold their front feet, put my hand under their backside, gently stand them in the sink and make sure they are thoroughly rinsed. Always be sure to have a warm towel ready to wrap them in, they love this. Then it is snuggle and kisses time so that it is a positive experience for them.

   In between baths I use hypoallergenic unscented baby wipes for ears, butt, and feet, and just a warm wet washcloth for their face. Oil accumulates around the nose, toenails and inside the ears.  You should clean the ears with ear cleaning solutions (from your vet), and use mineral oil and cosmetic cotton pads or a washcloth around the inside of the outter ear.  Be careful not to go to deeply, cleaning only what you can see.  You can take your finger with a washcloth and run it around the ear after the mineral oil.  Toenails should be extended and wiped off with a warm washcloth. After bathtime is a good time to do this as their nails are easier to clean. Be gentle and patient -- listening to your kitten's mood is important and it is best not to frustrate your kitty with fussing too much over getting him or her clean.  So be patient and again, let your kitty tell you when enough is enough, give a treat and a kiss, then go back to cleaning later.  This generally works and gets them trained to your style of cleaning very well !!!


Information to Consider

"This is one of the most unique of all cat breeds"

Sphynx Temperment

The Sphynx lives up to their open eyed, intelligent, friendly expression. They are very smart cats and extremely affectionate. They are energetic, silly, and playful. They love to be the center of attention, and they don’t mind keeping your feet warm with their extra warm temperature. Sphynx cats love everyone, including dogs and other cats. They have themselves been described as “part monkey, part dog, part child.”

Sphynx Health

The Sphynx is a healthy cat, having a sort of hybrid vigor since they’ve been outcrossed for many years. They have few health or genetic problems. The Sphynx is actually said to have healing abilities themselves, and will instinctively lie on their owner’s body where they are ill or hurting. Sphynx are comfortable in normal household temperatures, (73 degrees or above) when they are cold, they are smart enough to cuddle up under a blanket or in your lap. If you would be comfortable without clothes, they are comfortable.

Is the Sphynx Hypoallergenic?

The Sphynx is only partly safe for allergy sufferers. If you are allergic to cat hair, you can probably tolerate a Sphynx, but if you are allergic to cat dander and/or saliva, they will still affect you. So please if you suffer from allergies take the time to meet a Sphynx before deciding to purchase one for yourself.


Sphynx The Hairless Cat

Sphynx are not truly Hairless cats, but rather have a fine "down" cover that is imperceptible to the eye. More hair is usually found on the bridge of the nose, tips of the ears, feet, and tail. Sphynx feel like soft warm chamois. Degrees of hairlessness varie from cat to cat and throughout your Sphynx's life. Changes in hormones, tempature, and seasons dictate the amount of hair they may have at times.

Sphynx are very intelligent, talkative, and loving cats. They are often described as "Velcro" kitties because of their persistance to follow you around and desire to sit on your lap or shoulders. They are extremely demonstrative and love to cuddle. They must be in the company of their people and/or in the company of other pets. Sphynx do not do well being left alone. Sphynx are an aquired taste for many people. This usually occurs when people experience their wonderful personality or touch their warm soft skin. For others Sphynx are an instant fasination, love, and addiction.

 What should you feed Sphynx Cats?

Always supply fresh water that is changed frequently throughout the day. A cat water fountain is a wonderful addition for your baby.

Sphynx cats have a high metabolism to regulate their body temperature. Therefore to maintain this the Sphynx cats consume more than the average 'cat' and require a premium pet food.

  Here at Maramae Sphynx "Lifes Better Naked" we feed a variety of food. There are many quality foods available (be sure to read your labels). We free feed a dry kibble made with fresh chicken, no soy, and no bi-products. We have tryed a variety of different foods but our babies seem to prefer this. We also feed a variety of raw Venison, Chicken, and Beef.                            

(And share our dinner) LOL

 * Please feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns, or just to share something funny they have done. We will be available to you throughout their life time and would love to receive updated photos.